Main name BOOF

Alternate handles/nicknamesEdit

BOOD, BOOG, BOOP, BOOanyotherletter, gaydadexplosion


April 13th


The goat.




Minneapolis, MN


Q1: Why you decided to join HotglueEdit

So I could play games with all my friends!

Q2: The turning point for you as a Hotglue member, be it a game or otherwiseEdit

Connecting to #Hotglue for the first time!

Q3: Hotglue-wise, what has been the most fun thing over the past yearEdit

Riding alpacas during the end of the EE beta!

Q4: MottoEdit

I don't have one!

Q5: Favourite musical genres, musiciansEdit

Mostly third wave ska, but I'm open to just about anything as long as it sounds good!

Q6: Favourite movies/shows (anime, drama etc)Edit

I like old war movies and moe~ anime with characters I can grow to become addicted to!

Q7: Favourite 'types' (historical figures & anime characters are OK)Edit

I love ditzy, energetic girls who have self confidence and are cute!

Q8: When did you last laughEdit

I'm laughing now, I'm always laughing!

Q9: So, what is your (max 3) defining fetish(es)Edit

I'm crazy for hip bones and flat girls, really crazy for hip bones on flat girls!

Q10 Where would you like to go nowEdit

It's been a dream of mine to go to Switzerland!

Q11 My boom Edit

I'm really into guns and cars, I've been a gunsmith and an active member of the SCCAfor many years!

Q12 What's your charm pointEdit

My positive personality!

Q13 Someone you admireEdit

John Browning/Paul Mauser/Eugene Stoner!

Q14 A book/manga/VN that left a deep impression on youEdit

Anything even remotely sad, I am very quick to tears!

Q15 What are your future plans, any messages you haveEdit

I plan to complete my project carand drive it accross the country, stopping at shooting ranges along the way!

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