ColdSolvent resolves around the whole 1 week vacation idea, but additionally we make a guild on Ostyrion(?) with at least 30 players. The idea is, that we will be able to move the EXP relics to Ostyrion(?) and other stuff.

Since this is, so far, talk only, I thought we could get a better idea of how many would be willing to do it with this page.

"I'm up for it"-List Edit

  1. Mark - Paladin, bot leveled. FOR JUSTICE.
  2. Maiev - Warrior because of how broken brohenheim is.
  3. Tsadiq. Warrior, because of how broken Broenheim is. I'm only doing this, if there's enough.
  4. Eruru will go where you bro-tachi go
  5. Sarius- Probably keeping RM and doing it if i ever hit 48. Lack of quests.not cool brah
  6. Hapxier, to spread love across all nations, and to take hits like a girl. Paladin moe~
  7. Sokrates - Warrior, tired of playing squishy classes
  8. Surtic - Cleric if i decide to do it
  9. Mug/Rinnosuke - Warrior, because Coldsolvent - Warriors/general
  10. Archtos/BRIGHTNESS - Paladin
  11. Zatoichi - Sure, why not. I'll be rolling gunner I guess.
  12. Patchun - Maybe, if classes dont get in the way or I get lazy.
  13. Derek - Feonir is full of viruses ):'
  14. Mari - if a lot of us are going, I'm up for it. Gonna try Cleric or Rifle this time.

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