Crafting Price NotationEdit

Prices of items with Fourth Element and below (these are purchasable) INCLUDE the price of the Fourth Element. Such items should be level 38 and below.

Prices of items using Fifth Element and above (not purchasable) DO NOT include a price for the elements. Though the number of elements needed is listed. Level 40 and above.

Obtaining Fifth/etc ElementsEdit

Generally speaking, an item made with N-th element can be decomposed to give N+1-th elements.

IE: A level 35 boot (made with Fourth) can be decomposed to give Fifth. A level 43 (made with Fifth) can be decomposed to make a Sixth. Generally, anyway (have no verified all cases).

Also, you can check the recipe to see what level items will be decomposed into said element.


Lvl 35Edit

Dawn Set (60% Success per try)

  • Dawn Gloves: 8314 per try
  • Dawn Coat: 14,596 per try

Chanter Set (60% Success per try)


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