Finding neverland verdvd

Eden Eternal (AKA Finding Neverland Online) is a generic loli MMO with a shitton of classes and fucking guild towns.

Plan of ActionEdit

CB starts June 2nd. Kritz has requested more keys, but most users will probably have to keep an eye on the giveaway sites. We need either a single user or a small team to rush to level 30 in order to create the guild and the town. Hopefully we'll end up with a glorious NEET paradise of awesome, or at least an asspained village of manchildren.

User ListEdit

Add yourself and what class you're aiming for via the edit button. We don't want to end up with 300 clerics and 1 Milktank (we don't?).

IGN IRC Name (if applicable) Class
Noe Neokun Magician
Harvestasha Harvestasha Cleric
UselessBunny Useless_Bunny Illusionist
Gilly Tokanova Cleric
Bartz JinSaotome Warrior
Kuro Cleric

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