Main nameEdit



Loli Vampire


October 2, 1411






Hunan, China


Q1: Why you decided to join HotglueEdit

Needed a place to do hang around, do nothing, and talk about stupid shit. Also mmos

Q2: The turning point for you as a Hotglue member, be it a game or otherwiseEdit

The one time I agreed with Useless_bunny...oh wait that never happened

Q3: Hotglue-wise, what has been the most fun thing over the past yearEdit

playing EE and being the little girl or spewing lewd fantasies everyday in irc

Q4: MottoEdit


Q5: Favourite musical genres, musiciansEdit


Maaya Sakamoto, Yuki Kajiura, Shinra Etsuko, Yasunori Mitsuda, Kawada MAMI, Kotoko, Utada Hikaru, Makino Yui, Round Table/Nino,

Main Stream(aka black people music):

Boys II men, Brian Mcknight, Ne-yo, Usher


Flashbulb, Venetian snares, ONOKEN, Phantasma

Q6: Favourite movies/shows (anime, drama etc)


Aria, Mahou shoujou Mudurka Magica, FMA original/Brotherhood, Tatami Galaxy, Gintama, AIR tv, code geass, Diebuster, Ladies vs butlers(oh god my frosting wont stop comming out), Ef ~ A tale of memories


Dances with Wolves, Happy Gilmore, Titanic, 300,

Q7: Favourite historical figures Edit

Sigmund Freud, Richard Feynmann,

Q8: When did you last laughEdit


Q9: So, what is your (max 3) defining fetish(es)Edit

arggh 3 is to limited. Drill hair, Stockings, girls that are bwakas

Q10: Where would you like to go nowEdit

plains of mongolia or any other natural environment untouched by man. Except for rainforests, which are shitty disease ridden places or deserts. Snow everywhere Soviet Russia is ok

Q11: My boom Edit

Old skool rpgs, ramen

Q12: What's your charm pointEdit

I dont think I'm very charming. um I enjoy eating, it fills me with happiness and pleasure? if that counts

Q13: Someone you admireEdit

My father

Q14: Game that made you pee out of your eyesEdit

Grandia 1: ADVENTURING, SAVING THE WORLDAN, oh man nothing beats the feeling during the first time playing as Justin and his rag tag team of heroes, climbing the wall that marks the end of the world only to find theres so much more beyond it. There will never be a genuinely happy, joyful rpg like this

Chrono Cross: dat amazing Ost, twists, the music so intricately woven together with the setting and story. oh and convoluted story, which is a feature I guess.

Q15: What are your future plans, any messages you haveEdit

Study a couple more years, ponder about going to japan but realizing that I actually like it here in amurka and would be much more comfortable here overall, work a couple years till I get to 35 ish and hopefully marry someone half decent, have a couple of kids, live out life etc. Haters gonna hate.jpg

I may not have many friends, but the few I have mean a lot to me and my family mean a lot to me as well. Guess I'll be forever be a traveler between the 2nd and 3rd dimension.

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