Main nameEdit


Alternate handles/nicknamesEdit

ワハハ、蒲原智美、Kino, Kurosawa, Kitahara, Ogiue


Every day.






Why not investigate this one yourself?


Q1: Why you decided to join HotglueEdit

I wanted green text, I guess. Alternatively I prefer being asked, so I didn't really join until the everyone was quitting and someone asked me.

Q2: The turning point for you as a Hotglue member, be it a game or otherwiseEdit


Q3: Hotglue-wise, what has been the most fun thing over the past yearEdit

hmm this past year huh? AX a few weeks ago was quite fun or if it's online, then I guess CB tournaments?

Q4: MottoEdit

It can't be helped.

Q5: Favourite musical genres, musiciansEdit

Asparagus, Number Girl, Mumm-Ra, Mumford and Sons, DOPING PANDA, Sound Horizon, uhh there's a lot of other stuff but well, let's just stop here.

Q6: Favourite movies/shows (anime, drama etc)Edit

Saki, Maria-sama ga Miteru, Kamichu!, Kino no Tabi, Linda Linda Linda, there's more but I forget.

Q7: Favourite 'types' (historical figures & anime characters are OKEdit

Ogiue Chika, for some reason I like fujoshi.

Q8: When did you last laughEdit

machine translations

Q9: So, what is your (max 3) defining fetish(es)Edit

Collarbones, shirts and ties, and TRUE ROMANCE.

Q10: Where would you like to go nowEdit

Somewhere interesting.

Q11: My boom (examples here)Edit

Spending money or translating.

Q12: What's your charm pointEdit


Q13: Someone you admireEdit

I like me.

Q14: A book/manga/VN that left a deep impression on youEdit

Love Roma

Q15: What are your future plans, any messages you haveEdit

To put an end to my strong NEET life.

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