Work in Progress. All data is from 4.04 Client.

Types of MobsEdit


General - Easily Soloable.

Strong - Soloable with a bit of work. Easy with a group.

Very Strong - Hard to solo, you will probably have to Astrolabe. Medium Difficulty in a group.

Super Strong - Impossible to solo, even with Astro. Tank/healer can two-man, but will take an extensive amount of time.

Two unconfirmed difficulties: Elite and Hero.






BossBoss - Immune to CC

Production (Crafting)Edit

Production is the crafting of LH. Your level of crafting will go up once you do a quest offered every 5 levels from level 10 up. These quests tend to be extremely annoying and vague. Enjoy.

There are 6 crafting professions in LH:

Blacksmithing(Casting): Knight Armor, Weapons for all classes.

Tailoring: Armor for Gunners, Priests, and Mages.

Alchemy: Potions, all the time. Potions can restore hp/mp or give bonuses to stats.

Machinery: Explosives. The only profession that requires having the proffesion to use the items produced.

Jewelry: Equipment enhancing gems. May or may not be able to make accessories.

Card Design: Creates cards. Cards are similar to potions, but usually more active in their effects. Healing the target every x seconds, increasing attack spead, sacrificing health to heal an ally, absorbing spell damage, etc.

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