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Solar GuardianEdit

Celestial TemplarEdit


Comet MarksmanEdit

Nova SentinelEdit



Moon Flame EnvoyEdit

Galaxy SageEdit

Atenasupia? Athena Sphere? Atmosphere pun?:
Air Magic
150% Magic attack + 493 Wind damage.
Lowers Earth Resist by 898

Air Magic
6.25 Aoe, hits up to 6 people.
100% Magic attack + 380 wind damage.
Lowers Earth Resist by 898

Comet shot:
Earth Magic
100% Magic attack + 321 Earth damage. Hits 5 times over 5 seconds (Channeled).
Lowers fire resist by 1028

Life Drain:
Water Magic
Every 3 seconds, Deals 35% magic attack + 207 water damage (and steals the same amount? steals an amount before mitigation?).
Lowers Air Resist by 1028

Sandakyi (Chain Lightning?):
Air Magic
Deals 100% Magic Attack + 416, Bounces to targets within 6 meters (Max 3) 10% damage increase each bounce.

Ice Nova:
Water Magic
PBAOE Root for 6 seconds, Max 5 targets.

Life in Seoul(wat):
Earth Magic
Gives Mana to friendly target at cost of health. 1800hp to 1800mana at max rank.

Cosmic Burst?:
Special Magic
Increases Cast Speed and Critical Damage by 100%. Gives Infinite Mana.
Infinite mana

Wind Magic
Increases the dex of party members within 7.5m by 68

Mercury Gift?:
Water Magic
Increases the INT of party members within 7.5m by 68 (850 mana)

Spell Delay:
Wind Magic
Target's Next Spell Casts 125% slower.
Reduces Earth Resist by 887

SL Recovery:
Special Magic
Allies within 12.5m Gain 747 Maximum mana, 112 Noncombat MP regen, And half as much in combat.

SL Magic Knight?:
Special Magic
Allies within 12.5m Gain 59 Magic attack and lose 5% Magic Resist(???)


Dawn ProphetEdit

Sun CommissionerEdit

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