Confirmed In-Game Name List / Guild Waiting ListEdit

Add your name to the waiting list section, invites will be given out eventually.

Guild MemberEdit

  • Aniki, Warrior
  • Archtos, Warlock
  • Casio, Rifleman
  • Derek, Rifleman
  • Gwendolyn, Paladin
  • Malinor
  • Mari, Gunner
  • NEET, Cleric
  • Rinnosuke, Rifleman
  • Sima, Warrior
  • Tarakona, Cleric

Waiting ListEdit

Papertank - Dual Gunner

Shao - Warlock

Kinzo - Warlock

Snorlax- Warlock

Hapxier - Rifleman

Wenceslas - Paladin (Zatoichi in #hotglue)

KochiyaSanae - Cleric (MASARUwota in #hotglue)

YOYO - Warrior

Skirt - Cleric

Lemon - Rifleman

Daigotsu - DARKNESS

Byakuren - Paladin

Letty - Paladin

Remi - Paladin

Ethel - Dual Gunner (inb4 SLUT)

Flandre - Cleric

EXWraith - Paladin

IcyFlavour- DG

Pokey- Warlock (dat Black Harvest cackle)

Doctor - Cleric ┐(’~`;)┌ (edgey)

Kaira - Cleric

gauss - Warrior

Marisa - Paladin (AgriasOaks in CB and Bench in IRC)

Filament - Paladin

Nazrin - Cleric

Orichalkos - Paladin

Dramatic - Warlock (KiriKomori in #hotglue)

Cybele - Cleric (Leaving myself here to for main guild purposes)

Asis - Cleric (JPRome in #hotglue)

Geon - Rifleman

Sokrates - Rifleman

Ohvi - Cleric

China - Cleric

Kamina - Rifleman

Kordox - Cleric

ranbby - DG

Huima - Warlock (nuha in #hotglue)

Dragunov - Riflefaggot

LordZulu - Warlock

Tilia - Cleric

Sophos - Paladin

Lyceenne - Cleric

Ririko - Cleric

Kaiserin - Cleric (Doppel in #Hotglue)

Graven - Warrior

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