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Pet food comparisonEdit

Base growth is from manual feeding except for the final feeding that fills bar. Bonus growth comes from manually feeding to full. Dorms only add base growth.


name cost base growth bonus growth stats
chicken chop 75 2 35~39

light offense/defense 10

dark offense/defense 12

hp 20

sp 12

pork chop 100 3 38~41

light offense/defense 10

dark offense/defense 12

hp 40


thick skin potato chunk 20 0~1 13 light offense 5

light/dark defense 5 earth resist 5%

white corn 30 1 39 light offense 7

dark offense/defense 5

green wheat 75 3 51 light/dark offense/defense 8

hp 50 sp 10

concentrated potato starch

sparse plains quest:

300 potato chunks

31 117 light offence 40

light/dark defence 40

earth resistance:15%

refined corn essense

sparse plains quest:

300 white corn

31 117 光攻撃:56UP


Seed LocationsEdit

Plants are growing at several areas on each map, one plant at one area at a time. Every area can contain any plant available at given location.

Legacy island:

[seed - number of encounters]

green lemon 7

green wheat 4

java coffee 6

white corn 4
Legacy island map

Legacy volcano:

green wheat 6

small soybean 4

glittering box (not a seed, but gives out random stuff such as seeds, furniture and cattle, for instance) 4

Legacy volcano map

Sanctuary mine level 3:

black chili 1

green wheat 4

small soybean 2

green lemon 1


Sanctuary mine level 2:


green wheat

black chili

Sanctuary mine level 1:


small soybean

Magic forest:

red chili

yellow wheat

violet onion

tortoise flower

== Monster List==

Name (Species - Race)

General: diet/element info here



Baby Bat ( - Demon) General: Talents: Show Off, Burst of Energy, Big Bully Evo: Vampire level 15, requires 8000GP/level 40

Hummingmouse (Insect - Hummingmouse)

General: Herbivore, Wind element

Talents: Sticky Glue, Levitation

Evo: Large Hummingmouse level 25, requires 8000GP/level 30

Magic Cactus (Plant)

General: Herbivore, Fire

Talents: Porcupine, Water born

Evo: Cactus Genie level 25, requires 8000GP/level 30

Desert Octopus (Aquatic)

General: Carnivore, Earth

Talents: Suction, Superglue, Avenger, Light Shell

Evo: Coin Octopus L25, requires 8000GP, L30

Biggie Robot (Robot - Biggie Robot) General: Nil, Fire Talents: Enrage, Porcupine, Quick Evo: Petrol Robot L25 - Petrol Engine, requires 0GP, level 40 / Diesel Robot L25 - Diesel Engine, requires 0 GP, L40.

Pocket Cat(Beast - Pocket Cat)

General: Herbivore, Wind element

Talents: Enrage, Competitive, Darkness Boost

Evo: Pocket Tiger level 25, requires 8000GP/level 30

Evo2: Growly Owl level 25, requires 8000GP/level 30/Combine with level 15+ Kiwi Bird

Fiery Puffer (Aquatic - Fiery Puffer) General: Carnivore, Water Talents: Fire Born, Darkness Guard, Wind Boost Evo: Wild Serpent L35, requires 8000GP, L35.

Rusty Mantis (Insect - Rusty Mantis)

General: Carnivore, Earth element

Talents: Porcupine, Big Bully

Evo: Copper Mantis level 25, requires 5833GP/level 30

Slow Chameleon (Dragon - Slow Chameleon)

General: Carnivore, Fire element

Talents: Porcupine, Show off

Evo: Wols Chameleon level 25, requires 8000 GP/level 30/Dragon Star

Slime (Human - Slime)

General: Carnivore, Earth element

Talents: Darkness Guard, Stinger, Basic Mastery

Evo: Stampine Keeper - Stampine Whip / Stampine Robber - Stampine Dagger / Stampine Priest - Stampine Staff / Stampine Warrior - Stampine Two-Handed Sword

==&nbsp Taming==

Taming difficulty in order from to easiest: Red (impossible) > Dark Blue (extremely difficult) > Light Blue (difficult to moderate) > Yellow (50-100 bronze nets) > Green > Light Green (relatively easy)

Light Green:

Pocket Cat - L40


Yellow: Lucky Clover - L1 - Training Area

Biggie Robot - L18 - Sanctuary Mine L2

Light Blue: Fiery Puffer - L28 - Shark Banks

Dark Blue:

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