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Ship 4, block 39, on the signboard above KoffieEdit

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Item properties for searchingEdit

stuff for copying: Ⅰ Ⅱ Ⅲ Ⅳ Ⅴ 1234567890 αβγδε ・/

パワー +ATP
シュート +ATA
テクニック +TEC
アーム +ABL
スタミナ +HP
アビリティ +ALL

バーン   Burn
フリーズ Freeze
ショック Shock
ポイズン Poison

ヴォル・ソール   Vol Soul     - s.atk/hp
グワナ・ソール   Antlion Soul - s.atk/hp/pp
ファング・ソール Fang soul    - r.atk/hp/pp
マイザー・ソール Miser Soul   - r.atk/pp
ラグネ・ソール   Ragne Soul   - t.atk/hp
シグノ・ソール   Signo Soul   - abl/hp/pp
ラッピー・ソール Rappy Soul   - abl/pp
ラッキーライズ +%Item Find

AC Scratch names for searchingEdit

ラッピースーツ rappy suit

ビキニスイムウェア blue swim
グリーンBスイムウェア green
オレンジBスイムウェア orange
ユカタヴィア purp yukata
ユカタヴィア明桃 red
ユカタヴィア萌葱 green
ウェディングドレス white wedding
ピンクウェディングD pink
アクアウェディングD blue

キャンディークラウン shiinas outfit
タイガーピアス akis outfit
バリスティックコート echos outfit

ハイビスカス hibiscus
白かんざし hanakazashi
ウェディングコサージュ wedding corsage

ヘイズハット wizard hat
キャンディヘッドギア shiina hat
ピンクシュシュ pink hand acc
ブルーシュシュ blue hand acc
赤い浮き輪 pink tube
青い浮き輪 blue tube

きつねのおめん fox mask
きつねのおめんB mask back
ラッピーおめん rappy mask
うちわ back fan
女性追加ボイス04 new hanakana voice
編みこみアップスタイル shinos hair

Endgame EquipsEdit

If you are a poorfag and can't afford to upgrade a 8*/9* weapons, then don't
be a dumbass by trying to do so.Instead buy the Type2 5* weapon for your 
prefered weapon type and get that to +10.

The weapon names are:
Sword - アルバキャリバー
WLance - アルバアーチ
Partisan - アルバグングニル
GunSlash - アルバハチェット
Rifle - アルバレーザー
Launcher - アルバピサスティアン
Cane - アルバフォールオンス
Tali - アルバディフューズ

There's also armor units with high balanced defense stats for all slots. 

RDEF REQ - there are none. use the rares instead


Or just simply support units which can be equipped in any slot


Add at least souls related to your class on each piece of equip.
Soul, Stat +10 or just Soul. Should only cost you 40-100k per equip piece 
depending on availability.

When making a farming game, do this:Edit

Title: エリア2ぐるぐる - area 2 farming

Comment: 人が来たNPC減らします - bringing npc = less slots for other players

If you want to purchase ACEdit

Input this on the page asking for address:

Surname - given name in Hiragana
みやもと - むさし
Surname - Given name in Katakana
セガ - セガ
東京都品川区東品川1丁目39番9号 カナルサイドビル

Progressing the storylineEdit

There's 5 simple steps for progressing the PSO2 storyline:

-Talk to Shino (in front of fountain in shop lobby
-Clear the yellow blobs on matter board
-Fully clear the storyline mission
-Repeatedly approach Matoi until there's no more cutscenes
-repeat from step 1

To get the different parts of the episodes on the missions:
EP0 - prologue
EP1p1 - Go to the right at the grassy crossroads after dagan encounter
EP1p2 - Go to the left at same crossroads
EP2p1 - Go to the right at ice crossroads
EP2p2 - Go to the left at same crossroads
EP3p1 - Pick 11 when Furies asks you
EP3p2 - Pick 9 (or was it 8?) when Furies asks you
EP4p1 - Go south at big area on first map
EP4p2 - Go north at big area on first map, take teleporter, then south

It's a very good idea to do these, because the 5th board (ep4) has a bunch of
the type2 5* weapons with 25 element as drops

PSE BurstsEdit

Okay, the burning question everyone's been asking. How do PSE Bursts work?
It's a lot more than just randomly killing mobs.

-PSE Bursts are so-called "random" events in which item drop rate increases 
 and certain mobs are spammed against you.
-They are not player specific, the entire multiparty area receives it.

How PSE works:
-Explanation: Some PSE Bursts come in elements, while others are special in 
 which certain enemies of certain elemental weakness affects which burst
 you get (and also boosts that burst). 
-e.g: You kill a Dinian (weak to ice) with an ice elemental attack or
 weapon, thus boosting an Ice type burst faster than Flame or Meseta PSE.
-The type of PSE depends on what element or type it is.
-Types (incomplete):

 -Meseta Boost - Increased meseta drop rate
   How to get:
 -Flame (red) - Flame damage boost
   How to get:
 -Ice (blue) - Ice damage boost
   How to get:
 -Thunder (yellow) - 
   How to get: 
 -Light (white) - 
   How to get:
 -Wind (green) - 
   How to get:
 -Dark(?) -
   How to get:

-When you kill a number mobs with their elemental weaknesses in a consecutive
 and frequent order, the area's PSE level goes up. As it goes up, you will see
 and icon on the right hand corner that will read which element PSE went up
 and what level it's at.

-Once PSE reaches level 8, it will go into a 1 minute countdown in which you 
 must trigger another PSE level for that particular PSE. Once  accomplished,
 you get your PSE Burst.

-During PSE Burst, you chain more bursts by leveling up the PSE by... killing
 more mobs. However, you must fulfill PSE requirements.

-You get "ONE MORE!" when you successfully reach level 9 PSE during the Burst.

 -What most people think: When two parties attain a PSE Burst at the same time.
 -What it actually is: When you burst another PSE during an active PSE Burst.

 -Crossbursts further boost item drop rate and enemy spawn rates.

 -Not only can you level up one type of PSE, but you can also level
  up PSE of another type/element. This occurs when you kill enemies with 
  another elemental type weapon or PA.
  -Killing Dagans with fire elemental weapons or PAs. 
  -However, another person on the map is killing Dagans with Light elemental
   weapons or PA.
  -Fire PSE reaches lvl 9 first and everyone gets Fire PSE Burst.
  -During the burst, Light PSE approaches lvl 9 and you get a "CROSSBURST!".
  -Thus earning a Fire and Light PSE Burst.

 -You can only have 4 active bursts for a crossburst at a time.
 -Crossbursts are limited to 3 One Mores.

-FO users can easily get PSE bursts since most of their technics are elemental
 Therefore, if you're in a multiparty area, hope for a bunch of FO's to boost
 PSE level.
-After 1 minute passes without raising a specific PSE level, that specific
 PSE resets to level 1.
-Fast way to level up PSE in Volcano is during Code: Collect, pick up a bunch 
 of collect cubes but don't redeem the last one as enemies will continuously 
 spawn during the collect.
-Successfully completing a Code: Protect involving guarding crystals 
 significantly increases all PSE levels.


-An easy way to activate cross bursts during a PSE burst is to open the
 character info window and observe the PSE levels. If a certain element has 
 not yet reached level 9, inform everyone in the area to switch to using that
 element so its PSE can be raised and a cross burst can be activated.

NOTE: Please note that not all info is here, as it is still being researched,
 and some information may need to be revised or edited. And if you happen to
 know something, please do contribute.


A wide variety of titles can be earned in a wide variety of ways, from completing the matterboard pages to grinding weapons to +10. They are separated into 5 categories. All titles also award you with items, which can be claimed from ラケシス, next to the Class change counter. Titles can be equipped by opening the main menu with esc, clicking on the fourth icon, and selecting the second option. You can view yours and other people's titles by opening the Quick Menu (end key), selecting the third option, and selecting the eighth option.

Note that some titles do not translate directly into English, and some liberties may have been taken to translate them. All information taken from the JP wiki.

Player Titles
Kana English Requirement Reward
新人アーク ARKS Recruit None Trimate
中堅アークス Experienced ARKS Acquire 10 titles Grinder
??? ??? Acquire 100 titles Grinder x5
ルーキー Rookie Defeat 500 enemies Grinder
ベテラン Veteran Defeat 2500 enemies

Grinder x2

エース Ace Defeat 5000 enemies

Grinder x4

ベルセルク Berserk Defeat 10000 enemies Grinder x6
ローヘリオン Low Hellion Defeat 25000 enemies Grinder x8
ヴァンガード Vanguard Defeat 100000 enemies Grinder x10
デトネイター Detonator Defeat 250000 enemies Grinder x12
??? ??? Defeat 1000000 enemies Grinder x14?
怒れる戦士 Enraged Warrior Reach lv30 as a Hunter Alba Breaker
華麗なる射手 Brilliant Marksman Reach lv30 as a Ranger Alba Blaster
輝ける導士 Shining Conductor Reach lv30 as a Force Alba Piler
Item Titles
Kana English Requirement


新米コレクター Novice Collector Acquire 20 Unique Rare Items Grinder
??? ??? Acquire 100 Unique Rare Items Grinder x5
暴風の担い手 Stormbringer Grind Tarnada to +10 Synthesizer x5
猛々しき刃 Ferocious Blade Grind Ardillo to +10 Synthesizer x5
研ぎ澄まされし刃 Keen Blade Grind Aristin to +10 Synthesizer x5
粉砕する刃 Grinding Blade Grind Sachs to +10 Synthesizer x5
残りしもの Survivor Grind Last Survivor to +10 Synthesizer x5
斬り潰すもの Crusher Grind Zamba to +10 Synthesizer x5
生命の防人 Guardian of Life Grind Ikutachi to +10 Synthesizer x5
龍族の模倣者 Dragon Tribe Imitator Grind Dinia Edge to +10 Synthesizer x5
磁炎龍の認めし者 Blessed by the Ironblaze Dragon Grind Vol Scale to +10 Synthesizer x5
宇宙で一本釣り Space Fishing Grind Space Tuna to +10 Synthesizer x5
星雲担う戦士 Nebula-Bearing Warrior Grind Kusha Nebula to +10 Synthesizer x5
星雲抱く武人 Nebula-Wielding Soldier Grind Lambda Kusha Nebula to +10 Synthesizer x5
自在なる猛然の槍 Ferocious Free Lancer Grind Jagriath to +10 Synthesizer x5
自在なる先鋭の槍 Keen Free Lancer Grind Hyperion to +10 Synthesizer x5
自在なる豪壮の槍 Magnificent Free Lancer Grind Belcard to +10 Synthesizer x5
陽光の繰り手 Sunlight Spinner Grind Daylight Scar to +10 Synthesizer x5
泡沫の使役者 Agent of Mortality Grind Gudda Skela to +10 Synthesizer x5
巨獣を手懐けた者 Behemoth Tamer Grind Marmoth Fang to +10 Synthesizer x5
光晶の繰り手 Light Crystal Spinner Grind Razrail to +10 Synthesizer x5
猛々しき長槍 Ferocious Spear Grind Raizenolk to +10 Synthesizer x5
研ぎ澄まされし長槍 Keen Spear Grind Patty Lumeria to +10 Synthesizer x5
粉砕する長槍 Grinding Spear Grind Basilleon to +10 Synthesizer x5
穿ち砕きしもの Penetrator Grind Rhongomyniad to +10 Synthesizer x5
魂を捧しもの Soulless Grind Soul Eater to +10 Synthesizer x5
爆砕の申し子 Explosive Prophet Grind Knight Lancer to +10 Synthesizer x5
二叉の舞い手 Forkdancer Grind Gungnata to +10 Synthesizer x5
錆びてなお硬きもの Rust-hardened Grind Rust Device to +10 Synthesizer x5
漆黒の穿殺者 Jet-Black Piercer Grind Ragne Answer to +10 Synthesizer x5
鋭き銃刃を抱く者 Keen Gunblade Keeper Grind Twizzler to +10 Synthesizer x5
猛き銃刃を抱く者 Ferocious Gunblade Keeper Grind Jaraid to +10 Synthesizer x5
煌めく銃刃を抱く者 Sparkling Gunblade Keeper Grind Sarhaling to +10 Synthesizer x5
荒々しき戦士 Fierce Warrior Grind Vraolet to +10 Synthesizer x5
原初を見た者 Witness to the Origin Grind Gunslash Zero to +10 Synthesizer x5
機械の心を知る物 Machine Sympathizer Grind Ein Mazurka to +10 Synthesizer x5
忘れがたき形見 Unforgettable Memento Grind Axion to +10 Synthesizer x5
澄明なる清刃 Shining Ghostly Blade Grind Ray Duplex to +10 Synthesizer x5
原初を守りし者 Protector of the Origin Grind Neigling Zero to +10 Synthesizer x5
冷たき彼方の狩人 Hunter of the Frozen Beyond Grind Cruel Coffin to +10 Synthesizer x5
機甲の制覇者 Machine Subjugator Grind Signobraver to +10 Synthesizer x5
実直なる銃弾 Steady Shot Grind Full Cylinder to +10 Synthesizer x5
猛々しき長銃 Ferocious Rifle Grind Tigredor to +10 Synthesizer x5
流麗なる長銃 Elegant Rifle Grind Schvern to +10 Synthesizer x5
閃光の射手 Flare Shooter Grind Strauss to +10 Synthesizer x5
憧憬を受けし存在 Nostalgic Presence Grind Yasminkov 3000R to +10 Synthesizer x5
無慈悲なる射手 Ruthless Marksman Grind Fire Arms to +10 Synthesizer x5
飛刃の狙撃手 Blade Sniper Grind Edge Blazer to +10 Synthesizer x5
噴火の権化 Avatar of Eruption Grind Divulcan to +10 Synthesizer x5
猛々しき大砲 Ferocious Cannon Grind Ridultiv to +10 Synthesizer x5
静かなる大砲 Tranquil Cannon Grind Adrastea to +10 Synthesizer x5
流麗なる大砲 Elegant Cannon Grind Verethragna to +10 Synthesizer x5
研ぎ澄まされし大砲 Keen Cannon Grind St. Kilda to +10 Synthesizer x5
古代の伝承者 Ancient Legend Grind Shot Legacy to +10 Synthesizer x5
由緒正しき伝承者 Venerable Legend Grind Spread Legacy to +10 Synthesizer x5
実直なる砲撃手 Steady Gunner Grind Photon Launcher to +10 Synthesizer x5
幸福の爆弾 Explosion of Happiness Grind Barrel Rappy Cannon to +10 Synthesizer x5
龍族に近い存在 Close to the Dragon Tribe Grind Dinia Launcher to +10 Synthesizer x5
龍族の隣人 Neighbor of the Dragon Tribe Grind Sa Deena Launcher to +10 Synthesizer x5
流麗なる長杖 Elegant Rod Grind Red Processor to +10 Synthesizer x5
清廉たる長杖 Pure Rod Grind Garland to +10 Synthesizer x5
専心守護の救世主 Devoted Savior Grind Salvador to +10 Synthesizer x5
愛らしさの具現 Embodiment of Loveliness Grind Stella Twinkle to +10 Synthesizer x5
翼を抱きし存在 Embracing Wings Grind Clarita Visas to +10 Synthesizer x5
魔女っ子気分 Some Sort of Young Witch Grind Strike Broom to +10 Synthesizer x5
明月の担い手 Bearer of the Full Moon Grind Twilight Rune to +10 Synthesizer x5
生命の守人 Keeper of Life Grind Seitenweise to +10 Synthesizer x5
凍土結晶の操手 Devout of the Frozen Crystal Grind Vifrost to +10 Synthesizer x5
龍族の協調者 Collaborating with the Dragon Tribe Grind Dinia Rod to +10 Synthesizer x5
一流ミュージシャン First Class Musician Grind Mic Stand to +10 Synthesizer x5
テスラウォーカー Tesla Walker Grind Gramasciento to +10 Synthesizer x5
龍族に近しき者 Friend of the Dragon Tribe Grind Sadeel Rod to +10 Synthesizer x5
猛々しき導具 Ferocious Conductor Grind Vishburn to +10 Synthesizer x5
華美流麗なる導具 Splendidly Elegant Conductor Grind Rosa Crane to +10 Synthesizer x5
実直堅牢なる導具 Steadily Solid Conductor Grind Hard Quartz to +10 Synthesizer x5
遊び心の具現存在 Embodiment of Fun Grind Wonder Collet to +10 Synthesizer x5
古典の担い手 Legacy Bearer Grind Talis Legacy to +10 Synthesizer x5
奇怪なる祈祷師 Mysterious Conjuror Grind Hitogata to +10 Synthesizer x5
今代の陰陽師 New Age Diviner Grind Onmyou Kikami to +10 Synthesizer x5
熱狂する決闘者 Fanatical Duelist Grind Duel Gaze to +10 Synthesizer x5
熱砂を超えし導き手 Guiding Across the Boiling Sands Grind Metalisolidum to +10 Synthesizer x5
幸福のしるべ Friend of Happiness Grind Rappy Fanfan to +10 Synthesizer x5
Quest Titles
Kana English Requirement Reward
新米探索者 Novice Explorer Complete 20 Quests Photon Drop
中堅探索者 Journeyman Explorer Complete 100 Quests Photon Drop x2
熟練探索者 Skilled Explorer Complete 200 Quests Photon Drop x5
未知への探索者 Explorer of the Unknown Complete 2500 Quests Photon Drop x10
駆け出し請負人 Fledgling Contractor Complete 20 Client Orders Experience Gained +10%
風の便りの請負人 Meddling Contractor Complete 100 Client Orders Experience Gained +10% x2
うわさに聞く請負人 Informed Contractor Complete 200 Client Orders Experience Gained +10% x3
??? ??? Complete 2500 Client Orders Experience Gained +10% x4
ハプニングハンター Happening Hunter Clear 20 Emergency Trials Photon Drop
トラブルバスター Trouble Buster Clear 100 Emergency Trials Photon Drop x2
リスクブレイカー Risk Breaker Clear 200 Emergency Trials Photon Drop x5
デンジャーマスター Danger Master Clear 2500 Emergency Trials Photon Drop x10
??? ??? Clear 10000 Emergency Trials Photon Drop x20
フォトンの奏者 Photon Player Generate 1 PSE Burst Synthesizer
フォトンの指揮者 Photon Conductor Generate 20 PSE Bursts Synthesizer x2
フォトンの統率者 Photon Commander Generate 100 PSE Bursts ???
繋がる想いの体現者 Embodiment of Shared Emotion Achieve a 2 PSE Burst Combo Photon Drop
繋がる想いの誘い手 Summoner of Shared Emotion Achieve a 5 PSE Burst Combo Photon Drop x2
明日を待つ者 One Who Waits for Tomorrow Obtain the First Matter Board Monomate
標を持つ者 One Who Waits for the Sign Obtain the Second Matter Board Herb Green Minidesk
時間を歩く者 One Who Walks Through Time Obtain the Third Matter Board Cherry Red Minidesk
答えを求める者 One Who Seeks the Answer Obtain the Fourth Matter Board Honey Yellow Minidesk
楔を見た者 One Who Saw the Wedge Obtain the Fifth Matter Board Salt Blue Minidesk
明日を見る者 One Who Sees Tomorrow Clear the First Matter Board Photon Drop
標を示す者 One Who Shows the Sign Clear the Second Matter Board Photon Drop
時間を識る者 One Who Feels Time Clear the Third Matter Board Photon Drop
答えを識る者 One Who Knows the Answer Clear the Fourth Matter Board Photon Drop
楔を壊した者 One Who Broke the Wedge Clear the Fifth Matter Board Photon Drop
明日を見た者 One Who Saw Tomorrow Complete the First Matter Board Grinder
標を刻んだ者 One Who Shredded the Sign Complete the Second Matter Board Grinder x2
時間を渡りし者 One Who Crosses Time Complete the Third Matter Board Grinder x3
答えを導いた者 One Who Led the Answer Complete the Fourth Matter Board Grinder x4
楔をなくした者 One Who Lost the Wedge Complete the Fifth Matter Board Grinder x5
Character Titles
Kana English Requirement Reward
ゼノと知り合い Zeno's Acquaintance Become Zeno's Friend Grinder
ゼノのお気に入り Zeno's Favorite Complete 10 Quests with Zeno Synthesizer
ゼノの後継者 Zeno's Successor Complete 100 Quests with Zeno Experience Gained +10%
エコーと知り合い Echo's Acquaintance Become Echo's Friend Grinder
エコーの後輩的存在 Echo's Apprentice Complete 10 Quests with Echo Synthesizer
エコーの信頼する存在 Echo's Trusted Partner Complete 100 Quests with Echo Experience Gained +10%
アフィンと知り合い Afin's Acquaintance Become Afin's Friend Grinder
アフィンの相棒 Afin's AIBOU Complete 10 Quests with Afin Synthesizer
アフィンの最高の相棒 Afin's Best AIBOU Complete 100 Quests with Afin Experience Gained +10%
フーリエと知り合い Furie's Acquaintance Become Furie's Friend Grinder
フーリエの友達 Furie's Friend Complete 10 Quests with Furie Synthesizer
フーリエの親友 Furie's Best Friend Complete 100 Quests with Furie Experience Gained +10%
アキと知り合い Aki's Acquaintance Become Aki's Friend Grinder
アキの友達 Aki's Friend Complete 10 Quests with Aki Synthesizer
アキの親友 Aki's Best Friend Complete 100 Quests with Aki Experience Gained +10%
ライトと知り合い Light's Acquaintance Become Light's Friend Grinder
ライトの友達 Light's Friend Complete 10 Quests with Light Synthesizer
ライトの親友 Light's Best Friend Complete 100 Quests with Light Experience Gained +10%
マールーと知り合い Maru's Acquaintance Become Maru's Friend Grinder
マールーの友達 Maru's Friend Complete 10 Quests with Maru Synthesizer
マールーの親友 Maru's Best Friend Complete 100 Quests with Maru Experience Gained +10%
オーザと知り合い Ohza's Acquaintance Become Ohza's Friend Grinder
オーザの友達 Ohza's Friend Complete 10 Quests with Ohza Synthesizer
オーザの親友 Ohza's Best Friend Complete 100 Quests with Ohza Experience Gained +10%
ジャンと知り合い Jean's Acquaintance Become Jean's Friend Grinder
ジャンの説教相手 Jean's Preaching Partner Complete 10 Quests with Jean Synthesizer
ジャンの愚痴相手 Jean's Complaint Partner Complete 100 Quests with Jean Experience Gained +10%
リサと知り合い Lisa's Acquaintance Become Lisa's Friend Grinder
リサの話し相手 Lisa's Conversation Partner Complete 10 Quests with Lisa Synthesizer
リサと仲良し Lisa's Good Friend Complete 100 Quests with Lisa Experience Gained +10%
Community Titles
Kana English Requirement Reward
会話好き Likes Conversation Chat 50 times Star Atomizer
おしゃべりさん Chatterbox Chat 1000 times Mimic Doll
稀代の話術士 Professional Speaker Chat 25000 times Synthesizer
エンドレススピーカー Endless Speaker Chat 100000 times
君はひとりじゃない You Are not Alone Join a team Star Atomizer
絆の結晶 Crystal of Bonds Make 100 friends Fruity Gift

Weapon DescriptionsEdit

Translations based on the JP wiki. If any of these are too wordy, or if you spot a mistranslation, please leave comments in the discussion section regarding them.

Item Name Description
Sword ARKS standard issue great sword. Its output is modest, but is a favorite among ARKS because it is easy to handle.
Gigush ARKS standard issue great sword. Its photon output is modest, but its slightly higher attack power makes it a weapon of choice among hunters.
Breaker ARKS standard issue great sword. Photon output is enhanced and blocking ability is increased, but it requires some amount of skill to use.
Alba Sword The improved version of an ARKS great sword. Since its output has been optimized and its cost reduced, this improved version has increased attack power.
Alba Gigush The improved version of an ARKS great sword. Its blade is longer than the base model's, and its guard is wider, allowing for more stability.
Alba Breaker The improved version of an ARKS great sword. A high efficiency model with improved attack power and blocking ability thanks to its even greater output.
Vita Sword A great sword that further improves upon the base model. Due to its improved rate of photon adherence, this next-generation model has gained a massive improvement in attack power.
Claymore A great sword with a supple exterior yet strong offensive abilities. Popular with the older generation, though less so with the younger one, obtaining one is nonetheless difficult.
Calibur A unique great sword in the shape of a large lance. The flashiness of the lightblade and the greatness of its attack power make it a favorite among skilled ARKS.
Alba Claymore The improved version of an often-used great sword. The "hook" on the tip increases its offensive power, but it is not a very popular weapon.
Alba Calibur An improved version of a great sword with an augmented lightblade output. Its handle is short, and it is hard to use. It truly demonstrates its power in close-quarters struggles.
Sachs A great sword that was converted into a weapon from a lumber axe. It has outstanding destructive power, but it is very heavy, and a novice would have difficulty raising it above his head.
Zamba A great sword for which the word "barbaric" is most suitable. Rather than slashing, this weapon was created with the intention of crushing opponents. It holds unparalleled crushing power.
Last Survivor This great sword was made in the style of classic technology. The sharp blade is able to slash everything to bits without the assistance of photons.
Vol Scale The very scale of a Vol Dragon was violently shaped into the form of a great sword. Its signature trait is the ferociousness retained from its progenitor.
Tarnada A great sword that is a hybrid between ancient and cutting-edge technology. Its colossal form returns to a much more portable and compact one when not being used in combat.
Dinia Edge Wielded by Amuduskia's primitive dragon tribe, this large sword was retrieved and subsequently improved with applicable upgrades. It appears as though it was part of a living organism.
Space Tuna

One would expect that this weapon is a model of a marine lifeform, but...

Equippable by all classes. (Only hunters can use PAs with it)

Aristin A great sword forged with a highly magnetic alloy. Because of its red magnetic edge, it has an antigravitational effect, which makes it feel very light while maintaining its strength.
Ikutachi Made from the trunk of a tree that was overwhelmingly ancient, this famous jeweled great sword has been absorbing photons for a very long time. The wood contains unimaginable power.
Ardillo Because of the difficulty of producing this gigantic great sword, there are very few of them. Its base is a seldom-mined and very rare metal which is practically nonexistent.
Wired Lances
Item Name Description
Wired Lance ARKS standard issue free lances. Wired blades that can move freely and allow combat from a variety of distances.
Wired Gain ARKS standard issue free lances. Midsized models of wired blades whose handling and offensive abilities have been increased.
Wired Over ARKS standard issue free lances. Midsized models with increased accuracy and lengthened blades.
Alba Lance The improved versions of ARKS free lances. This design enhances the blades' energy efficiency and strength without increasing their energy consumption.
Alba Gain The improved versions of ARKS free lances. Since the blades' barbs were enlarged, they deal greater damage to targets.
Alba Over The improved versions of ARKS free lances. The blades were further lengthened, increasing this model's attack power.
Vita Lance Free lances that further improves upon the base models. These models are the response to high demand among ARKS for better performance and an improved photon adherence rate.
Wired Tri Free lances with silhouettes shaped like sharp horns. High-grade models that aim to capitalize on an aerodynamic form more suitable for long range attacks.
Wired Arch Free lances with improved elasticity. Their peculiar arch shapes carve smooth trails through the air as they capture their target.
Alba Tri An improved version of high-grade free lances. Their aerodynamic shape remains untouched, but these models are even bigger and more powerful.
Alba Arch An improved version of free lances with higher elasticity. The pointed tips stabilize these models' centers of gravity, allowing them to capture targets more reliably than the base models.
Rocket Punch/Nacht Steel fists that bear the color of the moonless night. It is unknown how or why these weapons were created, but their high performance provides their user with great power.
Kusha Nebula Free lances whose signature traits are their double forked blades. Unrestrained power with stress on efficiency are their fixed form's only solution.
Daylight Scar Free lances that tear everything to pieces with their six-pointed blades. Their intersecting photons' silver lights are certainly the last things their victims will see.
Lambda Kusha Nebula Free lances whose signature traits are their double forked blades. Their entire output mechanisms have been modified, and anyone can handle these improved models' high stability.
Gudda Skela Free lances equipped with large reactors. These custom models were developed with no concern for monetary cost and leave behind characteristic trails.
Marmoth Fang These unique weapons make use of the fangs of a marmoth, a species native to Naberius, as free lance blades. These fangs are fierce weapons.
Razrail Gigantic free lances made from a quartz dragon's pointed horns. The beautifully glittering blades can easily mangle enemies with just a touch.
Belcard Free lances with massive and mighty tips. These masterpieces are capable of lashing out at unimaginable speeds.
Hyperion Beautiful free lances with polished, ornamental designs. The magnificent designs draw opponents' eyes with every swing.
Jagriath Free lances made with methods that have, until now, been rejected. Originally developed as a close range weapons, they were eventually redesigned as thrown weapons.
Item Name Description
Partisan ARKS standard issue long spear. This simple design is easy for beginners to use and is also suitable for training.
Halberd ARKS standard issue long spear. This intermediate model's spearhead's three-pronged design only increases its hit accuracy.
Glaive ARKS standard issue long spear. In order to preserve a user's energy during long battles or similar situations, the grip has been made easier to hold on to.
Alba Partisan The improved version of an ARKS long spear. The spearhead was enlarged while keeping the handle the same size, but this weapon is just as heavy as the base model.
Alba Halberd The improved version of an ARKS long spear. In response to the demands of loyal halberd fans, its accuracy and attack power were improved.
Alba Glaive The improved version of an ARKS long spear. Attack power was increased, but it is heavier than the base model and is harder to use for beginners.
Vita Partisan A long spear that further improves upon the base model. The spearhead was further enlarged, but the weapon weighs about the same as previous versions.
Berdysh A long spear designed to maximize killing power. Its head is wider than other spears, and the butt was enlarged in order to balance the weapon.
Gungnir A spear with a distinctly large spearhead. Its offensive ability is extraordinary, but this model is unbalanced and takes a skilled hunter to use.
Alba Berdysh A long spear that improves upon the Berdysh's attack power. Because the spearhead was further widened, it can more easily damage targets by piercing them.
Alba Gungnir A long spear with an even bigger head. It has poor balance, but it more than makes up for it with the high attack power it hides.
Gae Bolg/Nacht A long spear that bears the color of the moonless night. It is unknown how or why this weapon was created, but its high performance provides its user with great power.
Basilleon A long spear that flaunts a gigantic blade. It is said that the honed photon blade can easily shred anything it touches.
Knight Lancer A long spear that attacks using close-range explosives. This glittering silver spear makes its wielder seem like a holy knight.
Gungnata A long spear with a distinct forked blade. It has high photon optimization along with high accuracy, and the whole spear is quite balanced.
Soul Eater A long spear said to devour its user's soul.

Equippable by all classes. (Only hunters can use PAs with it)

Ragne Answerer A long spear made from materials reproduced using data from Dark Ragne. Its distinct twisting shaft is quite ominous.
Rhongomyniad A long spear with a distinct form that is unbelievably thick and hefty for such a weapon. It is a burden on its owner, but the extent of its performance leaves nothing to be desired.
Patty Lumeria A new style of long spear that forgoes a traditional design. It uses a sword-like spearhead, this special and rare model can unleash a variety of attacks.
Spardion A long spear with a giant spearhead made out of a Spardan A's armored legs. It is meant to damage via crushing rather than cutting.
Rust Device An object found on planet Lilipa that was processed into a long spear. It is strong despite the rust.
Raizenolk A spear crafted as a work of art. Though it is an ornamental spear made for ceremonial use within bases, it still boasts astounding destructive power.
Assault Rifles
Item Name Description
Rifle ARKS standard issue rifle. A weapon for rangers that puts empahsis on inhibiting rapid fire.
Sniper ARKS standard issue rifle. As a response to great demand from beginner rangers, this rifle's barrel was shortened to increase maneuverability.
Blaster ARKS standard issue rifle. A lightweight model that increases maneuverability, but a newly-added attachment also guarantees stability.
Alba Rifle The improved version of an ARKS rifle. A good model that increases each round's accuracy while retaining stability.
Alba Sniper The improved version of an ARKS rifle. The stock is dedicated to increasing stability. A popular model with a moderately long barrel that increases its penetration power.
Alba Blaster The improved version of an ARKS rifle. A high-powered scope, which up to now was just an option, has been included as standard in this model, thus increasing its accuracy.
Vita Rifle A rifle that further improves upon the base model. The design was revised, and after increasing the amount of photons within the weapon, its performance rapidly increased.
Beam A rifle independently developed by rangers. While it is popular because of its high firepower, it is handmade, and only a small number have been manufactured, making it a sort of legend.
Laser A rifle developed by a retired ranger. Its high maneuverability, stability, and firepower were optimized from experience, and this weapon provides strong opposition to the Beam.
Alba Beam An improved version of a rifle developed by rangers. With expensive fibers having been spread across the neck, this rifle is the successor to the Beam.
Alba Laser An improved version of a rifle developed by a retired ranger. With technical advice from a specialist, this model is being adjusted to become the next officially adopted weapon.
Anti A. Rifle/Nacht A rifle that bears the color of the moonless night. It is unknown how or why this rifle was created, but its high performance provides its user with great power.
Full Cylinder A rifle developed as an experimental model. Even though it has a compact design, it has both high firepower and high precision, making it an overall high-level model.
Yasminkov 3000R A rifle of the well-known Yasminkov brand. Because its classic design boast unimaginable firepower, it is a highly sought-after weapon for rangers
Strauss A sophisticated, streamlined, and eye-catching rifle. Because it incorporates high performance with a good-looking design, it is many a ranger's weapon of choice.
Bouquet Rifle A gun is hidden in the bouquet. Useable by all classes.
Edge Blazer A rifle that shoots blades instead of bullets. Aside from its marksmanship capabilities, it is also useful in close quarters combat.
Fire Arms A rifle designed with a lengthened barrel. A weapon that specializes in high muzzle velocity and accuracy, it strikes with power and precision.
Schvern A rifle made with the idea of eliminating inefficiency. Its slender form allows for precise marksmanship by reducing recoil.
Divulcan A rifle that uses hard rocks from volcanic caverns. Bullets fired from the barrel, which can withstand even the heat of magma, can easily pierce thick bedrock.
Tigredor A rifle entirely coated in photons. By carefully coating the rifle in photons, its overall performance is greatly enhanced.
Item Name Description
Launcher ARKS standard issue cannon. Intended for beginners, this cannon had its size, weight, and recoil reduced.
Gripper ARKS standard issue cannon. Intended for beginners, this cannon had its size, weight, and recoil reduced.
Tag Valve ARKS standard issue cannon. This model's barrel was redesigned from scratch. A minimal amount of new features were included, but much waste was omitted.
Alba Launcher The improved version of an ARKS cannon. The cannon's developers sought to further reduce its weight while maintaining its high attack power.
Alba Gripper The improved version of an ARKS cannon. The cannon's developers sought to further reduce its weight while maintaining its high attack power.
Alba Tag Valve The improved version of an ARKS cannon. An advanced model that improves on the base model and increases accuracy and stability.
Vita Launcher A cannon that further improves upon the base model. Because the whole design's balance was upgraded, its performance was rapidly increased.
LaFlame An experimental cannon model designed to be compact. Because of this high grade model's unsightly bulk, its stability and recoil absorption are exceptional.
Pisastian A cannon that capitalizes on the structural advantages of a machine gun. As a result, it resembles a machine gun, and while it is handheld, it maintains bulk and high attack power.
Alba LaFlame An improved model of a cannon designed to be compact. Due to the fact that the barrel was both shortened and widened, the cannon's stability was further increased.
Alba Pisastian An improved version of a cannon that resembles a machine gun. The mechanism that fires a small shell from the thin, protruding muzzle has been redesigned.
Gur Bazga/Nacht A cannon that bears the color of the moonless night. It is unknown how or why this cannon was created, but its high performance provides its user with great power.
St. Kilda A gigantic, twin shell-type cannon. Its size only corresponds to its raw power; it is still unbelievably easy to use.
Shot Legacy A cannon that fires photon rounds. The weapon's basic performance depends entirely on the skill of its wielder.
Barrel Rappy Cannon A cannon that shoots rounds shaped like rappies. Their adorable figure appeals to women's hearts, but no one hears the rappies' pitiful whimpers.
Photon Launcher A cannon that fires high-compression photon rounds. Its concentrated photon blasts are strong enough to destroy even a giant boulder with ease.
Dinia Launcher A strong shield was retrieved from Amuduskia's primitive dragon tribe, and this organic-looking weapon seems to be useable as a cannon after applying appropriate upgrades.
Verethragna A unique cannon with a streamlined form. Rounds are propelled by a circular mechanism and fired at tremendous speeds.
Spread Legacy A high-performance cannon. This model was developed with both high power and high precision, but its effectiveness is truly in question.
Sadeena Launcher A shield was retrieved from Amuduskia's dragon tribe, and the weapon was redesigned into a cannon. Its photon distribution is exceptional.
Adrastea A cannon which places an emphasis on raw power. Its appearance is rather crude, and while its destructive power is second to none, it is very difficult to handle.
Ridultiv A cannon that is a favorite of many rangers. It was not officially adopted because of its unusual shape for a cannon, but many disagree with this decision.
Item Name Description
Rod ARKS standard issue staff. Not intended as a striking weapon, this device chiefly supports its user in casting technics.
Pole ARKS standard issue staff. An introductory model whose design primarily designed to support its user in casting beginner-level technics.
Piler ARKS standard issue staff. It primarily augments photons when casting technics, but it is harder to handle as a result.
Alba Rod The improved version of an ARKS staff. Its photon sensitivity has been boosted along with its physical strength, making it acceptable as a striking weapon.
Alba Pole The improved version of an ARKS staff. The head's strength has been boosted along with its photon focusing rate.
Alba Piler The improved version of an ARKS staff. Due to its delicate balance of photons, it has been made easier to use.
Vita Rod A staff that further improves upon the base model. Its refined form and photon sensitivity have been improved. It chooses its operator.
Striker A staff that has been intentionally enlarged. Since it was made to look menacing, it is harder to use than other staves, but its tech power is also higher.
Folones A staff with excellent photon absorption. While it is super lightweight, a new mechanism allows it to capture photons in the atmosphere to maintain its output.
Alba Striker The improved version of a large staff. Its photon balance has been tuned, allowing for decreased weight and smoother handling.
Alba Folones The improved version of a long rod with excellent photon absorption. Its photon absorption mechanism has been enlarged, greatly boosting its tech power.
Picopico Hammer/Nacht A staff that bears the color of the moonless night. It is unknown how or why this staff was created, but its high performance provides its user with great power.
Red Processor A staff with a simple onboard transformation mechanism. Every other part can absorb photons from the atmosphere and deliver them to the operator as energy.
Strike Broom A replica of a broom-like staff that ancient forces are thought to have used. It's not just a cheap replica: its performance has also been perfectly reproduced.
Clarita Visas A staff made from a winged unicorn's horn. A weapon said to choose its wielder, and it will not allow one without a pure heart to master it.
Mic Stand A stand that was originally a fixture for a voice-enloudening device. Now it's a staff that any class can equip. (Only forces can use technics with it)
Twilight Rune A staff loaded with the emotions of an artist obsessed with death. It is said that when the ever-changing moon is full, the staff will show its true form.
Dinia Rod This large rod was retrieved from Amuduskia's primitive dragon tribe, and appropriate upgrades were applied to make it useable. It looks somehow organic.
Salvador A staff given experimental armor. This huge prototype has only maintained its technic casting ability.
Stella Twinkle A staff for a force who is still a child at heart. It applies a starry twinkle effect to its operator's photon skills.
Sadeel Rod This large rod was retrieved from Amuduskia's primitive dragon tribe and subsequently remodelled. Its has high photon sensitivity.
Seitenweise Made from the trunk of a tree that was overwhelmingly ancient, this supreme staff is brimming with ancient photons. The wood contains unimaginable power.
Vifrost A staff made to look like an ice crystal. It constantly radiates cold, and occasionally even summons blizzards.
Garland A staff optimized for technic use. This simple design's signature characteristic is that it bravely excludes parts that don't contribute to tech attacks.
Gramasciento A staff carved into geometrical patterns. Many mysteries surround it, such as what it is made of and where it was created, and the full extent of its ability is not yet clear.
Item Name Description
Talis ARKS standard issue conduit. A device that makes casting physical technics at an extended range possible.
Tribute ARKS standard issue conduit. Its circular shape allows for casting technics with more stable photons.
Sprain A redesigned conduit based off an earlier model. Its layered structure primarily augments its operator's tech power, making more effective attacks possible.
Alba Talis The improved version of an ARKS conduit. The use of a photon compression mechanism further increases the power of physical tech attacks.
Alba Tribute The improved version of an ARKS conduit. A high output model capable of casting powerful attacks from the pointed tip.
Alba Sprain The improved version of an ARKS conduit. Stably supports technic use utilizing the redesigned photon storage unit.
Vita Talis A conduit that further improves upon the base model. The equipping process has improved to the point where the weapon supports stable technic use.
Obside A prototype of a conduit with strengthened output capacitance. Its design makes it hard for photons to hamper it, and while it is quite small, it still packs amazing tech power.
Defuse A conduit with an emphasis on increased tech power. It seems to be unbalanced, but its internal structure is less energy-intensive.
Alba Obside The improved version of a conduit with strengthened output capacitance. Tech attacks cast from the pointed tip are stable and bring out the full power of the operator's technics.
Alba Defuse The improved version of a conduit with increased tech power. The reinforced photon capacitance improves energy efficiency.
Rosa Crane A conduit with a characteristic wing-like shape. Wielding it is just like flapping one's wings, and it boasts a charm that all people are fascinated by.
Onmyou Kikami A conduit said to hold the power of exorcists. A shaman called the "Riverman" is thought to have used one long ago.
Hitogata A conduit with a power similar to that of ancient sorcery. A mysterious weapon made of paper dolls shaped like people, each of which seems to be able to move on its own.
Talis Legacy A conduit loaded with emotion. A weapon wrapped in enigma that it said to come from a design different from that of photon-based weaponry.
Rappy Fanfan A conduit that shoots a fake rappy feather. It definitely does not use real feathers.
Hard Quartz A conduit that makes use of a number of mechanical components. A famous weapon with a lot of popularity due to its reputation for high precision.
Wonder Collet A conduit that looks like a child's toy. Its performance, however, easily surpasses traditional conduits, though care must be taken when using it.
Duel Gaze

A remodeled card game device. Useable by all classes.

Vishburn An ultra-high-performance conduit with a mysterious history. It is said to have been developed through a never-before-seen technique, but whether or not that is true is a mystery.
Metalisolidum A conduit made for close quarters combat. In order to operate in harsh environments, its design stresses precision, and its frame is sealed, protecting its inner components from damage.
Item Name Description
Gunslash ARKS standard issue gunsword. It is a single bladed sword and gun combined, and because you can change its mode at any time, it is an easy-to-handle weapon.
Gunslayer ARKS standard issue gunsword. Its reduced size and weight made it easier to handle, and it's a popular model that's useable even for beginners.
Gunhawk ARKS standard issue gunsword. A new model whose gun function was both strengthened and redesigned to be compact and independent from the base.
Alba Slash The improved version of an ARKS gunsword. The output enhancements of the blade and bullets have been further improved, resulting in an overall performance boost.
Alba Slayer The improved version of an ARKS gunsword. The gun function remains the same, but the blade's output has been augmented and its offensive ability increased.
Alba Hawk The improved version of an ARKS gunsword. Both the sword's and the gun's outputs have been augmented, and this advanced model's offensive ability has improved as a result.
Vita Slash A gunsword that further improves upon the base model. Its photon adherence and muzzle velocity, among other things, have been improved, making it suitable for advanced combat.
Gunscissor A new kind of gunsword that surpasses the limitations of traditional gunswords. The double-edged spearhead shape makes it possible to easily pierce targets.
Gunhatchet This gunsword's main feature is its unusual concealed gun function. The weapon is shaped like a sword, and the gun function is cleverly hidden within.
Alba Scissor The improved and enlarged version of a new type of gunsword. The output of the uniquely shaped double-edged blade has increased, improving its performance in close quarters combat.
Alba Hatchet The improved version of a gunsword with a concealed gun function. Since the blade's size was increased, the gun function was further concealed and is very difficult to see.
Vraolet A gunsword with a form said to be quite unique. The undulating blade's edge is sharp, and the bullets are powerful.
Ray Duplex A gunsword with a beautiful, transparent form. Its handling was improved, making its performance well-balanced.
Gunslash Zero An ancient gunsword that was excavated and rebuilt. A model that is easy to grip, easy to handle, and appeals to all kinds of people.
Lord Axeon/Nacht Combining an enormous blade and gun, this gunslash is a weapon that was illegally remodelled in an unknown location. With high performance, it provides great power to its holder.
Axeon A gunsword made from a gigantic blade and gun combined. An illegally manufactured item made without any concern for balance.
Signobraver A gunsword made from a Signobeat's arm part. The sharp blade and the firing mechanism are integrated into the same component, yet both retain high power.
Neigling Zero A masterpiece said to be the progenitor of gunslashes. Between the gun and the blade, it has no flaws. It is truly a work of art.
Sarhaling A gunsword that boasts a massive photon blade. The blade's unique form is possible precisely because of its superb balance. This weapon is very popular.
Ein Mazurka A gunsword comprised of many mechanical parts. Though it has improved offensive ability, it retains good balance.
Twizzler A gunsword that has achieved perfect unity between blade and gun. The gun barrel directly supports the double-edged blade, and the weapon can switch modes with minimal movement.
Cruel Coffin A gunsword made out of permafrost. The gun barrel radiates a white chill and fires bullets as cold as absolute zero.
Jaraid A prototype gunsword based on a saw-like design. The blade cuts phenominally well, but the gun is only as powerful as standard ARKS equipment.

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