Betas Edit

  • Battle of the Ascended: 25th January, 1800 GMT (3 days)
  • Planar War: 4th February, 1800 GMT (3 days)
  • Telara the Merciless: 15th February, 1800 GMT (6 days)

Keys Edit

Where? Edit

  • Server: Sagespire EU
  • Faction: Defiant

Players Edit

Sagespire (EU) Edit

  • The following players are in Pizzaclub, our guild, and any one of them can invite:
    • Adnzzzzz
    • Commanderfun
    • Kaguya (Nem)
    • Myon (myonko)
    • Nilli (Junebug)
    • Tsadiq
    • Yumemi (Sokrates)

Other Edit

Nilli's build cornerEdit


  1. These have been made with a PvP focus in mind
  2. They are by no means perfect
  3. A lot of presumptions have been made that may not hold true

In any case, thought I'd share;

For the above three, roll a Kelari for

Kelari Frenzy
Instant Cooldown: 5 minutes
The Kelari enters a frenzy, increasing their Critical hit chance for the next 20 seconds. The Critical Hit bonus starts at 100% and is decreased by 20% for each ability

For the Mage build, roll a Bahmi for

Sefir of Power
Instant Cooldown: 5 minutes
The Bahmi draws on the power of their Sefir, increasing their Spell and Attack power by 40% for the next 10 seconds.

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