Hotglue Starcraft 2 player list.

IRC Identity Character Name Character Code Region
TplusK 837 North America
Broken Vocaloid Overlord HatsuneMiku 103 Southeast Asia
Oppressive Vocaloid Overlord HatsuneMiku 489 North America
Olav 793 Europe
Maiev 720 North America
elar rale 326 North America
Lude 615 Southeast Asia
Sokrates Figusfidus 418 North America
COCKSLAP Arcwright 958 North America
Crimrose Swashies 604 North America
Maritessa Mari 896 North America
Maritessa Mari 509 Southeast Asia
Best Tank In The Game PowerApples 706 North Amerkand
myonko myon 552 North America
_Wraith Wraith 896 North America

O1av can't be the only EU player!? Dagnabbit! Edit

Feels bad man ;_; !

Leeching Starcraft 2 Tier Edit

  • Tsade (on commanderfun's videogames)

Cousin's Stolen Account TierEdit

  • Crimrose (hueaheauehuaehaeaheu)

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