Elin porn

American Elin censorship

Tera is a P2P F2P MMO starting 2013/2/5. We will be starting on Lake of Tears (PvP), one of the 2 new servers that are being made for the F2P launch of Tera.

Hotglue is up, pm Muramasa/Waah/Chinchen for invites, or search for Hotglue in the guild menu and send an application. (Say something like your IRC nickname or somethiing /jp/ related so we know you're not a random)

Website (US)

Website (EU)

The western versions have some pretty bullshit localised content, so you may want to grab some stuff from here to restore it to full weeaboo mode.

Banned in america

racks on racks on racks

tera online is korean

mogami river

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