Server 6 - North East

Teuton - Cheap units (Offensive)

Roman - Quality units (Growth)

Gaul - Fast units (Defensive)*

  • - Best for new players (Build trappers)

Player list:

Hong Meiling:Guǎngzhōu (88|120)

Nickname: 12/f/jp (56|139)

Crimrose Clumsy Moe~ (61|135)

Mariessa:Sofia (52|136) Roman

BazookaMoe Crimrose (148|12)

Kaguya: Ryugyŏng (66|134)

flyingcows: xXQTMooMooXx (94|115)

Taapon: Endoxa (86|123)

TplusK Yuyuko (151|30)

Liselsia Piova (134|70)

menancewhite RAINBOW (48|148)

Lyin Moe Kyun~♥ (75|131)

jotting down 15cs





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