Wakfu OnlineEdit Might be dropping the game due to f2p restrictions. Check it at

New Host, SEA Region. So far the F2P players have the ability to plant stuff and do much more as compared to the Global version of F2P


Profession Weapon MeleeClose Combat Weapons MasterEdit

Profession ArmourerArmorerEdit

Profession LeatherWorkerLeather DealerEdit

Profession Weapon RangedLong Distance Weapons MasterEdit

Profession JewelerJewelerEdit

Profession HandymanHandymanEdit

Profession BakerBakerEdit

Profession Weapon AreaArea of Effects Weapon MasterEdit

Profession CookChefEdit

Profession TailorTailorEdit


Place your IGN and whatever item/material you might need. Guildies may help/pass you the items if they have spare/are willing.

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